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- Do I have an exchange right after purchase?
You can always return your products within 30 days after the day of delivery. This applies to the products that we have in stock, regardless of the category. To be able to return a product it must be in unchanged condition with all labels still attached. For more information, read our Delivery and Exchanges terms.

- How long is the guarantee?
From the day of delivery, you have three (3) years exchange right. The guarantee covers all manufacturer defects and not faults caused by the customer or of other cause that Layered is not responsible for. For wear and tear, there is a guarantee of two (2) years.

- Can you customize the size of a carpet?
Yes! If you wish to customize a carpet you have to count on longer time for delivery. Contact us on info@layeredinterior.com

- Can I get advice on deciding what size I should choose when buying a rug or furniture?
Yes! Send us a picture of the room where the product will be placed and we will give you our humble advice on what carpet or furniture, and in what size, we think would suit the most. Send the picture to info@layeredinterior.com.

- Where is my order?
During the time of delivery, we will send you regular updates via mail. The delivery company will contact you 1-3 days before delivery to decide a time slot that will suit you. If you have other questions, contact info@layeredinterior.com.

- Can I get help with carrying, unpacking and mounting my products?
We can offer you, together with DHL, extra services like one manned carrying, double manned carrying and late delivery for some areas. Read more about this under our Terms and Conditions. If you are interested in our extra services please contact info@layeredinterior.com.

- I received a damaged good, what shall I do?
If there is a visible transportation damage, it's easiest to talk to the chauffeur directly at the delivery. Ask the driver of a quotation on your copy if the bill. Even if the packaging looks whole, it is important to unpack and control your product as soon as possible to discover any hidden transportation damage. Save the wrapping for an eventual return.  If the product is damaged at delivery you will need to report this immediately to info@layeredinterior.com. This should be done at least three days after delivery so that Layered can report the damage to the delivery company.

Read more here.

- How resistant are your rugs?
Our rugs are made out of the highest quality and therefore are very resistant. Like with all carpets, they demand you to take good care of them for longest possible life. Read more about this under our Care advice.

- Can you wash the rug?
We always recommend you to take your rug to a professional carpet cleaner that performs level wash. When dry cleaning it is important that no chemicals containing trikloretylen are used. For minor stains, read our Care advice. 

- Do the rug fuzz?
During the first period, the rug can fuzz quite a bit and is not a manufacturing fault. A tufted rug always fuzzes when they are new. The best way to get rid of this is to vacuum regularly in the first 6 months. After a while, the fuzz will decrease but it's important to know that it will never stop completely. 


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