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Our velvet furnitures are made out of the highest quality, produced in a tough polyester velvet material. Regularly vacuum your piece of furniture, preferably once a week with a soft vacuum head. Don’t push too hard, just remove the dust and dirt that otherwise would go into the fabric. Shake the pillows regularly to maintain even and fluffy pillows. Also rotate the pillows for a more even wear. If you stain your furniture with a non-fat liquid, just moist the stain from the outside and in to reduce sharp shifts in color. If the liquid is a fat type, there are suitable stain removals for the cause. First try it out on a less visible spot, like on the backside, to see how it reacts on the fabric. If the whole sofa is to be washed, a professional dry cleaning is to recommend. All type of furnitures will also be damaged by direct sunlight, so be careful with fabric that daily will be exposed can bleach. Also, be careful when you sit on light fabric with dark clothes, for example jeans as they can color off.

The color Emerald Green has another assembly than other polyester velvets and therefore it can’t be washed as the other fabrics. Emerald Green is made out of exclusive Italian cotton that has a more genuine velvet shine. The fabric is more sensitive against moist or stains and does not has as high Martindale as the polyester velvet, which means it doesn’t fit in public areas. All cleaning should be done professionally, but if something is spilled you should immediately absorb the excess liquid without rubbing the fabric. Afterward you can carefully brush or even vacuum the fabric to restore the texture of the fibers.


For our furniture in linen the same care instructions applies as for our velvet furniture. Detachable parts may be washed home in 30 for delicates. Linen is also a natural fiber which will be softer and more good looking over the years. Therefore, be extra careful by placing darker linen fabric in direct sunlight to minimize bleach. 


The POD CS fabric is one of our most resistant fabrics with a Martindale of 65 000 which makes the fabric very usable in public environments. The fabric is also flameproof and does not take damage from sunlight or loose color. Detachable parts can be washed in a 60°c washingmachine. For non-detachable parts a dry cleaning that can perfom cleaning on the furniture is recommended. With smaller stains mix lukewarm water with some detergent and wipe over the stain. When the fabric is this strong, you can also rub the stain with the mixture without it taking any harm.


The Bouclé fabric is a mix of  45% Cotton, 15% Wool, 13% Polycarbonate, 19% Viscose, 8% Polyamide. Famously used by couture fashion houses, bouclé has in recent years become a popular choice among high-end interior designers.  Meaning “curly” in French, the word bouclé refers to its tactile texture created by uneven loops and curls. The effect is both glamorous and relaxed, making bouclé furniture standout pieces in your home.Dry cleaning only. If stained, you should immediately absorb excess liquid without rubbing the fabric. After letting the cleaned area air dry, you can carefully brush or vacuum the fabric to restore the texture of the fibers.


Velvet’s more wholesome sibling, corduroy combines the plush tactility of a raised nap with a ribbed texture for an impression that feels both inviting and visually striking. The fabric is a mix of 48% Polyester, 44% Acetate and 8% Viscose. Thanks to the natural texture of the fabric, corduroy is even more hard-wearing than smooth velvet. For our furniture in Cord the same care instructions applies as for our velvet furniture. Detachable parts may be machine-washed at 30°C on the delicate program.



The life length of a rug depends on how you take care and look after it. Therefore, you should vacuum your rug at least once a week without the brush head. When you unpack your rug, there can eventually be some fold that has been caused due to packaging. When you put your rug on the floor the fold will disappear after a few days. If you carefully spray some water on the carpet it should disappear faster. Use a rug coaster to minimize the wear of the rug. To minimaze bleach and uneven wear on the rug, turn it regularly so that the wear will be even. 


During the first period of use the rug can fuzz quite a lot and is not a manufacturing fault. This depend of the rug being tufted, and there is some loose threads that needs to get off. Vacuum regularly and use a moist cloth to gather the fuzz, and it will decrease over time. Please note that it will never completely subside. This is particularly adaptable on our wool- and viscose rugs.



If you spill on your rug you should wipe up excess liquid as soon as possible with a dry microfiber cloth and in the direction of the pile. Don’t rub, then there is a chance on rubbing the stain into the fiber of the fabric. Treat the stain with a suitable stain removal. Ask your nearest dry cleaner for an advice on what product to use. If you can’t remove the stain with this method, hand the rug into a professional rug cleaning that cleans with chemicals and that perform flat drying. 


A wool rug is easier to take care of than viscose and has a natural impregnation in their fibers. If you spill on the rug, wipe up excess liquid as soon as possible. Don’t rub, then there is a chance on rubbing the stain into the fiber of the fabric. Treat the stain immediately with a slightly wet cloth with a small amount of soap. Just use a little bit of water and wipe carefully on the stain. Finish with some luke warm water and after a dry cloth. If you can’t remove the stain with this method, hand the rug in to a professional rug cleaning that perform flat drying.


Due to its long pile and natural materials, ryamats have a tendency to let go of fuzz and after regular vacuuming, the fuzz decreases over time but will never completely subside. A Shaggy rug need a more thorough vacuum so that dirt there is deeper down in the pile disappear. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, make vacuuming a regular maintenance. Vacuum in the direction of the pile and lift the nozzle after every move. You can also turn the rug upside down and whip the backside so that dirt deep in the pile can come out. 


Our Recycle rugs are made out of recycled plastic bottles that has been melted down and spun into threads that are used to weave the rug. The rug has the same soft feeling as a wool rug and are very resistant against rain and therefor is very good to have outside. Easy to clean and maintain, only use a damp cloth to wipe up stains. 


A cotton rug has similar characteristics that the wool rug and therefore has similar care instructions. Remember not to rub the stain, just wipe up the excess liquid by gently pressing a dry microfiber cloth over the stain. 

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