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About Us

Layered is a Swedish interior brand offering high quality rugs and furniture. The collections are created with very distinctive designs, based on movements in contemporary culture, yet with different looks. We are strongly inspired by art forms within fashion, photography and architecture. Our vision is to create timeless pieces for modern and elegant homes all over the world with a sustainable focus.

Malin Glemme is the founder and creative director of Layered. She always had a great interest in design and started to work within the fashion industry. A new chapter begun when she searched for the perfect rug and without finding the right one, she decided to design one herself and let a skilled weaver in India produce the rug. After she got repeated requests from friends asking to buy the rug, she finally decided to start her own interior brand named Layered.

Environment & Sustainability

We aim to develop products that last a lifetime in your home. As our collections has a timeless expression they will last for a long time and our materials are carefully chosen for their sustainable characteristics.

We have the ambition to work sustainable in every aspect of the company. Layered is aiming to work with recycled resources, we manufacture our rugs and furniture of the finest materials to keep their good looks for a long period of time. One of our recent collections is made out of recycled PET-bottles where the plastic from the bottles has been melted and made into fine plastic strings that are made into yarn. When possible we also prefer to work with recycled wool. Beyond that, the plywood and feathers from our furniture are from recycled resources. Our customers will enjoy their rugs and furniture under several years, thanks to their sustainable quality in design, materials, and manufacturing.

In a chain of decreasing the impacts on the environment, the transportations from the production countries are mainly by boat. Our furniture are mainly produced in close by countries like Estonia and Lithuania which means short delivery routes.



The brand has partners in Sweden, Europe, and Asia, where production countries are selected from specialist competence to preserve local and traditional craftsmanship. In each country, Layered follows national laws and regulations. Long lasting business relationship with our production partners is of high importance to us. These are partners that share our aim of continuous reduction of our environmental footprint.  Each carpet and furniture undergo thorough quality control to ensure that each product meets our requirements.

If you would like to know more about our products or environmental issues, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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