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When we started Layered our first goal was to be as transparent as possible. We aim to develop products that last a lifetime in your home. As our collections have a timeless expression they will last for a long time and our materials are carefully chosen for their sustainable characteristics. From 2020 our entire rug assortment is traceable, making it easier for you as a customer to know how each product is made. We choose every part of our process with care, from our raw materials and our facilities to selecting partners we work with.



100% Traceability for our rug collections

To increase our sustainability efforts we are proud to announce that 100% of our rug assortment is now traceable down to the very fiber. The goal of being more transparent is to make it easier for us, and everyone else, to make the right choices. To make this happen we have worked with renowned sustainability facilitator Trustrace, previously known for their efforts within the fashion industry.


To make it easier for our customers to make informed choices we have implemented our sustainability icons on all of our product pages.



A product made of recycled fibers, in our case mostly discarded PET bottles. By choosing a product made from recycled material you are contributing to decreased landfill, and a longer life cycle for the resources the product is made of.



The fibers in this product are natural fibers such as high quality wool and certified lenzing viscose and tencel, as well as natural deadstock fibers from our production. We are always working with improving our fibers and choosing material wisely.



Produced in the European Union.


Artisan products. Since these products are made individually, each product is unique and slightly different from each other.



A product where the production can be traced to the fiber it is made of. To learn more about the individual product, scan the QR code on the item or use the custom tracking link.


100% recycled and eco-friendly fiber

100% of our rugs are made of natural or recycled materials, and all of our viscose and Tencel rugs are made with certified Lenzing yarns. We also work with deadstock material, and undyed yarns to minimize the waste, and to make recycling and reusing of fibers easier.



Each Lenzing fiber is made of cellulose, a natural component of our renewable source material wood. The characteristic of cellulose is its biodegradable. At the end of the life cycle the fiber re-enter the eco system


Global Recycle Standard ensure accurate content claims and good working conditions and that harmful environmental and chemical impact are minimized through the entire production chain.


Increased certifications

We work very close to our suppliers and have a few selected partners that we work with long-term. Since our rugs are handcrafted, the artisan skills and technique are at the core.

yarn drying


ISO 14001

is an internationally agreed standard within the industry that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.


ISO 9001

is a Quality management system that helps companies to meet their customer's needs in quality, service, and product. 



Improve working conditions in the supply chain.  BSCI audit helps a business monitor its supply chain to ensure that all suppliers are treating workers ethically and legally.



Extended our circular design approach to our partners

A Layered product is designed to last. Besides working with a quality-over-quantity full price business model where no discounts are applied, we also work with selected partners to improve the circularity in the interior industry.  


At Layered we offer circular services such as rental services of rugs & furniture as well as professional rug cleaners to minimize the number of items that are destroyed, or go to landfill. 


We also have a close collaboration with renowned auction sites. In 2020 the average closing bid for our rugs sold second hand, was 6000 SEK. The fact that the product has such a high value after being used, increases the incentive for the customer to give them a second life, and thereby prolong the life of the product. 


Select partners


beleco SAV




Decreased use of plastic

One key achievement in 2020 was to remove all plastic from our sample packaging and replace them with packaging made of FSC certified recycled paper. We also removed the printed information in each package and decreased the size of each parcel to minimize the risk of transporting air. The sample packaging accounts for around 40% of our outbound shipments on a yearly basis.



Increase traceability 

- Increase our traceability for our rug assortment to also include tier 4 (agriculture, farming and extraction) from tier 1, 2 and 3 where we are now.
- Increase our traceability to our European furniture assortment to at least tier 3.


Obtain new certifications

Increase our certificates on fibers & social aspects, especially on wool fibers.


Expand environmental efforts 

- Use 100% renewable energy in our production facilities and offices
- Measure and decrease our carbon footprint & emissions
- Climate compensate and offer our customers to join in on this journey
- Obtain 100% plastic-free packaging by replacing recycled plastic packaging for rugs & furniture with renewable options.
- Increase & strengthen our share of business coming from circular services, such as rental services.




By building trust, we aspire to enable the possibility to make conscious choices. We push ourselves to always improve each stage of our transparency goals working with our partners who share the same goal.


We aim for a circular business model, choosing the right raw materials from the beginning and designing products that are made to last, but also made with the possibility of disassembly in mind.


We aim to use recycled and environmental friendly materials for all our Layered packaging


We work closely with our suppliers to always push for the best construction within our product groups, ensuring our products are made to last.


To minimize our transport emissions, transportation is selected based on the lowest carbon footprint when possible.


A few solutions we practice become a more sustainable office including energy conservation and recycling.

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