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Transport companies

We offer free shipping of rugs within the EU. For furniture, additional costs for freight will be added in the check-out. 

The goods will normally be delivered within the time frame specified on the product page on the Layered website. Delivery normally takes place on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm to the nearest gate or driveway for furniture and rugs. Please note that the delivery time stated on the website is preliminary. As a customer, you will be notified by phone by the carrier the days before delivery for more information about the delivery day and time. For questions regarding delivery, please contact info@layeredinterior.com.

Additional Services (Carrier support/Evening delivery with DHL/Sun-Com)

Layered offers, through DHL, the additional services “single carrier support”, “double carrier support”, and for some areas also evening delivery. These additional services are not included in the regular price and therefore cannot be credited/refunded in case of return or repurchase. When goods have been delivered and received by the customer, the service is considered to be consumed. If you are interested in additional services, please contact info@layeredinterior.com.

Home delivery evenings: 
Delivery to the nearest gate or driveway. Delivery normally takes place between 5 pm and 10 pm. The driver will contact you before to confirm when delivery will take place.

Single carrier support: 
Delivery into your home by one person. The driver will drive as close to the address as possible and one person will help carry in the goods. The person will take the goods to the right room, unless there is a shortage of space or the doorway is too narrow. The customer is expected to help carry the goods if needed. When the goods are inside, they will not be unpacked. The driver will contact you before delivery to confirm when delivery will take place.

Double carrier support: 
Delivery into your home by two people. The driver will drive as close to the address as possible and two people will help carry the goods inside to the right room, unless there is shortage of space or the doorway is too narrow. When the goods are inside they will not be unpacked. The driver will contact you before delivery to confirm when delivery will take place.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the driver to unpack packages, take off doors or the like in order to carry in the goods. Please note that employees of the freight company are, for insurance reasons, not able to take off their shoes when carrying products. Please cover your floor if you have delicate or stain-sensitive floors. Preferably move furniture or anything else that could block the way to make it as easy as possible to enter the room without damaging or scratching any belongings.


Layered offers free pickup service at our warehouse in Stockholm at the address below. We do not offer any porterage on site.

Lagervägen 1
13650 Jordbro

Transport liabilities

Layered is responsible for any damage or lost goods during transport to the customer. The customer is responsible for the goods in case of return. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the rug is properly wrapped and is returned in good condition. If the customer needs new packaging when returning the item, contact info@layeredinterior.com.

Additional services

Expedition fee for additional services may apply

Track delivery - w
here is my package?

The freight company will contact you 1-3 working days before delivery can take place to schedule a time frame for delivery. During delivery, we will send status updates by email.

You can track shipments below with freight companies: DHL and UPS

DHL: http://www.dhl.se/sv/express/godssoekning.html

UPS: https://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=en_us



If the customer regrets a purchase, Layered has to be clearly notified before the deadline for return has expired. The customer must specify name, address, order number, and other relevant information. The customer can notify Layered by calling +46 816 70 06 or sending an email to info@layeredinterior.com

Purchase of stocked products

You can always return your products within 30 days of the delivery date. This applies to the items we have in stock, regardless of product category. In order to return a product, it must be in its unchanged condition with all labels remaining. 

Purchase of custom made order rug in standard size

When buying a rug made on order, 30 days of purchase are valid, provided the rug is made in one of our standard sizes. In order to return a product, it must be in its unchanged condition with all labels remaining.

Purchase of furniture

We do not offer open purchases or exchange rights for furniture

Advance payment

For special orders or orders over 30,000 SEK, the cost will be paid by way of prepayment, but you can cancel or change your order free of charge within three business days after placing the order. 

Return shipping

If you want to return a product, the customer pays the shipping cost back. Please note that the product should be unused and with all labels left. Refund for the returned item is made to the original buyer's payment method after the return has been received and approved by us. Layered is not responsible for any shipping damage on return shipment, therefore return well packed. 




We do not offer open purchases or exchange rights for furniture.


The item is complete upon return and well packaged with the receipt. If you are unsure about the product, it should be handled carefully to ensure that it can be returned as new, unused, and make sure to save the packaging. The return policy does not apply to specially ordered goods or outlet items.

In case of a return, the customer pays the shipping cost and is responsible for the condition of the goods during delivery.

The shipping cost for returns is as follows:
Sweden: 695 SEK
Norway, EU & Rest of the world: 996 SEK

Large rugs sized 300×400 cm:
Sweden: 1495 SEK
Norway, EU & Rest of the world: 2495 SEK

When the customer has requested a return, we will contact you to determine the pickup date or where you can take the item to the nearest shipping company. We will then send shipping documents to your email address, which you need to print out and attach to the packages. The customer is responsible for pickup, making sure the goods are well packaged and in good condition. If you do not complete the scheduled return because, for example, you did not print out the shipping documents or you were out of the house at the agreed pickup date and time, we reserve the right to charge you 495 SEK. The customer must clearly state which customer and what order number the item/items are sent from. This is to make sure that Layered can identify the goods as yours and process the refund as quickly and easily as possible. The goods must be delivered to Layered at the latest 14 daysafter the shipping documents have been sent out. If a customer regrets a purchase, Layered will refund the amount the customer paid for the item, minus the cost to return the item; amounts are mentioned above. Layered has the right to make a deduction on the refunded amount that corresponds to any depreciation that has occurred. This depreciation could occur because the customer has used the item to a larger extent than what was necessary to determine features and functions. Layered will use the same payment method for refunds as the customer used for the initial transaction, unless the customer has explicitly agreed with Layered about a different outcome.

However, Layered has the right to wait to make the refund until such time as the goods have reached the warehouse, or until the customer has shown proof that the goods have been sent to Layered by submitting a receipt or similar document. When the goods have reached Layered, the amount paid by the customer for the items will be refunded, with the exception of any depreciation, as mentioned in the paragraph above, as well as deductions for return processing.


If there should be anything wrong with your item, you should make a complaint to info@layeredinterior.com as soon as possible after discovering the defect. Describe the defect or damage in as much detail as you can, and attach images of the damage. This is to ensure that we can determine your case as accurately as possible. We will then contact you as soon as we can, regarding possible compensation or return. In case of a refund, this will take place within 30 days after the case has been resolved.

The customer has a 3 year warranty on goods purchased at layeredinterior.com according to consumer legislation. Layered reserves the right to refuse a complaint if it appears that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer legislation. 

Transportation Damage

If your item is damaged upon delivery, this must be documented by you immediately and reported to Layered within 24 hours. Inspect the package properly before receiving the item and signing the consignment note. In case of damage, pls ask the driver to report the damage on the delivery note before you sign it, and make sure to get your copy.

Before you sign the consignment note:

- Go through the outer and inner packaging that the product came in. In the event of damage, ask the driver to add this info to the delivery note before you sign it.

Send the following to Layered within 24 hours after receiving the item:

  • Picture of outer and inner packaging
  • Picture of consignment note from the carrier
  • Picture of the product and its damage
  • Text that describes your case
  • Please send to info@layeredinterior.com

Important: Please keep the original packaging and do not use the product until further notice.

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