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Meet the Andersson

Meet the Modin Djanaieff's - a creative Stockholm couple - and step into their home where we present our new '60s Geo Collection. A LAYERED take on classic rug patterns with an added hint of the '60s.


Q: Pontus, you have worked within several creative fields such as interior design, fashion, and media and you Camilla work with brands within beauty, design, and art.

Tell us - how do you get your creative visions and styles to work together in your home?

A: It happens totally organically, as we balance each other out. Our starting points were completely different but we’ve gravitated to each other’s styles - Pontus used to prefer colors and patterns, while I leaned more towards minimalism and muted tones. Now we’re pretty streamlined, if someone says “sofa” we both picture the same sofa in our minds.

stig Lindberg x layered Q: Your interior design style is gorgeous. Tell us where you get your inspiration from?

A: Our previous apartment was more colorful, so when we moved we wanted something a bit calmer. We find inspiration all over the place - nature, fashion, art, philosophy, books, movies, music.

'60s Geo Collection Basket Weave Matta


Basket Weave rug holds a special place in our hearts as it was the first pattern that LAYERED founder Malin Glemme designed. It never got taken into production, but it's now part of our 60's Geo Collection. The rug is handmade in 100% wool and a design that will last over time.


Letters is a redesign of one of our very first rugs and a LAYERED classic in its own right. The geometric pattern now comes as a wool rug and adds that perfect '60s vibe to your home.


Q: - Have you ever made a real mistake with interior design?

A: We've all done that, but it's ok. I can't think of anything in particular right now. There are no quick fixes for good interior design - it needs time to grow.

Q: For anyone who wants a similar look in their home - do you have any advice?

A: Mix it up and let some things be a bit crazy but keep the colors calm. And buy high-quality items that last a long time. The feeling of quality adds something to a room that you can’t see in a picture. Layered '60s Geo Collection Matta

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