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The Heritage rug collection is, as the name implies, inspired by tradition, but also adds a broader perspective. 

Kristina Tjäder from renowned Swedish fashion HOUSE OF DAGMAR has with this rug collection brought her sustainable approach to fashion, to the interior sphere.

quote from Kristina Tjäder

The design collaboration started as an idea and conversation about the traditional handcrafted Swedish textiles and how they still at this day have (or should have) their evident place in the conscious home.

Solitaire Rug in gray

The Swedish traditional rag-rug has a long history and started out as a way to practically cover the cold floors. But it was first in the 19th century that they became widely popular.

Terra Rug
For this collection pure wool and hemp are being used and the natural colors of the rugs are inspired by earth and soil - such as brown, terracotta and completely unbleached wool.

Solitair Rug in coral
The patterns of the collection meet in a blend of traditional stripes and graphics made to fit the modern home.

Brenton Rug in Coral and Natural

Knot Rug in Oatmeal

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