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Åsa Jungnelius x layered

åsa jungnelius x layered

When is a rug no longer a utility, but an object? Can objects that have been created for a clear purpose - such as giving heat to cold floors - at the same time be just themselves, a work of art in its own grand power?

With a strong emphasis on body and soul, color and shape, Åsa’s artistic vision and symbolic aesthetics inject a strong feeling of female power in every object she creates, and in every home, it moves in to.   

Åsa jungnelius artworks and shell

 “My work is often a material cage and moves between the interiors to a monumental format where the material language examines the relationship between our bodies, the objects we surround them with and the rooms where they act together.”


The Shell and the Mouth are two symbols I often return to, as a representation of the hole. In my artistic practice, I am very interested in understanding the hole and the capacity of the cavity.”

Åsa Jungnelius in a sofa with lips rug

Lips Wool Rug in the studio of Åsa Jungnelius, Månsamåla. 


shell colorful rug with patterned

Åsa jungnelius rug lips pink and purple

Shell & Lips Rug. Photographed by Lisa Nyman for Stockholm Art Week 2020.

åsa jungnelius patterned rugs

Lips Rug, Shell Rug by Åsa Jungnelius, 2020

Now available in the following sizes

180 x 270 cm
250 x 350 cm
300 x 400 cm



emilia ilke for layered constance tenvik for layered aida chergrehgosha for layered



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