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Unsure of what rug or furniture to choose?
You're welcome to send us a picture of the room you wish to furnish to, and we'll be happy to give suggestions or any help we can offer regarding choosing a rug or piece of furniture that would fit into your home!


Are you having trouble deciding on a rug or a furniture? Let us help you! At Layered we offer a free interior consultation where you can get help and advices on how to think when deciding on a new rug or furniture. We guide you on what materials, colors or size that would fit your home the most. Send us a photo of the room where the product should be places, and we will give you our humble opinion on what we think would be the best suitable choice.

You can either get help by mail by contacting You can also book a face-to-face meeting with one of our consultants in our showroom on Engelbrektsgatan 21, Stockholm, or if you wish to do it over skype. Contact to arrange your meeting, or for more information.

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