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Petite Collection


The Petite collection is, as the name suggests, a collection in a small format and consists of two new designs in naive pastels. Playground Rug & Canvas Rug.

Petite collection - Playground rug by Layered

Playground Wool Rug

The concept behind the collection arose as a counter-reaction to the constantly connected world we live in. With the design, we want to encourage a more tactile and present approach. Inspiration for the collection can be found in the children’s world and the stream of creativity, imagination, and presence that is found here.

Petite Canvas Gif

Playground Rug

Canvas Rug

Canvas Rug

Each rug comes with a number of free-standing organically shaped parts that the viewer can place and move around, which gives each rug a unique look. Is the rug in fact not a rug at all but a raft on the open sea, a canvas, or a flowering garden?


Flower Field Wool Rug styled by Layered Customer Residue Wool Rug in organic shape, styled by Layered customer LivingByLo Structured Wool Rug from Layered in kitchen

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