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interview with Kristina Tjäder


Kristina Tjäder from renowned Swedish fashion HOUSE OF DAGMAR has with this rug collection brought her sustainable approach to fashion, to the interior sphere. The collection consists of seven designs, all hand-made from natural fibers and curated with the ambition to connect us with the idea of non-waste that historically has been a natural part of our homes.

Tell us about how this collaboration came about and your inspiration.

I have always been interested in creating environments and concepts and I feel that the step from designing clothes to designing interior design is very natural. When I got in touch with Layered and we started discussing a collaboration, we immediately found several common denominators.

What similarities do you see between making designs for Dagmar, and for Layered?

Creating a qualitative and timeless design is basically the same process no matter what type of product it is. My design language can be expressed in a form as well as color composition and choice of material. It is about utilizing the conditions a material has in the best possible way.

Dagmar Layered

House of Dagmar | Breton Rug in Coral

This collection marks a shift to interior design from fashion - tell us more about it.

Creating as a designer, I work on conceptualizing and striving to produce timeless products with a strong design. Fashion and interior design are tangible on many levels and often draw inspiration from each other’s worlds, the interior world is a world I like to explore more.

How important was it for you to work with natural materials and handmade products?

I strive to create products that do not destroy our climate or harm our planet, and to work with materials that are biodegradable or recyclable is important to me.

natural fabric and roll of twine

How to look at products where the manufacturing process may take a long time. Is there room for it in today’s fast-paced time?

We are in a changing era where environmental issues have become extremely important as we face a major climate threat. Other factors that affect our attitude are the effects of the corona pandemic. Producing “by demand” can be a way to avoid overproduction and to throw away or burn leftover goods. Rather, the delivery of a product in the future may take time, suggesting quality and uniqueness.

In terms of heritage - how do you want people to remember you and your work in the future?

I am a quality geek and would rather invest in a few products of really good design and high quality rather than massively things. My dream is to create timeless classics that last a long time.

Where do you see your Layered carpets, and how would you style them?

The carpets are created as a collection and are intended to complement each other both in terms of color choices and designs so that they can lie in adjoining rooms or even in the same room. I also think it’s beautiful to display on the walls.

Tell us about your sustainability thinking and how it affects your way of living and choices you make.

Creating products that do not destroy our climate and environment is an important aspect of my professional life. The fashion industry has an outdated business model that depletes our resources, the entire process from raw material to how people consume should be updated and adapted to the current conditions. Personally, I mix vintage design classics with a timeless base that suits my lifestyle.
The patterns of the collection meet in a blend of traditional stripes and graphics made to fit the modern home.

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