Follow the Trace
Follow the Trace

Following the trace and going back to the very source of our artisan production, we now share the story of how our rugs are made and the love and craftsmanship that goes into every detail.

To increase our sustainability efforts we are proud to announce that 100% of our rug assortment is now traceable down to the very fiber.


To highlight this new chapter, one rug has been carefully designed as the front runner of the era.

The tracked pattern of the design references the steps we are taking towards a more transparent industry and our efforts to keep environmental footprints to a minimum. 

Follow the Trace Rug

Follow the Trace Rug

Like all other rugs in the LAYERED collection, starting with the AW20 collection, it comes with a custom QR code so that the information about the product’s origin can be tracked and understood.


The goal of being more transparent is to make it easier for us, and everyone else, to make the right choices.

To make this happen we have worked with renowned sustainability facilitator Trustrace, previously known for their efforts within the fashion industry.

trustrace quote

“Every player in the ecosystem needs to understand the role they play and how they can actually improve it by taking responsibility”- says Hriskikesh

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