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Breaking Boundaries with contemporary artist Bella Rune

bella rune x layered

bella rune x layered

LAYERED is inspired by the interception between art and interior, and to explore this field we let contemporary artists design rugs under the collection name Breaking Boundaries.

Bella Rune was inspired by the thought of a rug not being a two dimensional piece, but a more tactile experience in three dimensions, which is enhanced by the intended backing pushing up through the striped pattern of the rug. The colors in the rug is a symbol of a light streaming in from a window from the past, brightening up the turqoise, magenta and yellow colors to appear in the rug. The same colors as a printers CMYK-system.

Through this optical experience Bella Rune has created a rug to explore and socialise on.

bella rune x layered

Bella Rune (b.1971) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She is educated at Chelsea College of Arts in London (1995–1998) and Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm, Sweden (1992–1994). She works with sculpture, including performative elements and experiments with different materials and techniques. Her practice is based on an interest in hand crafts, history, and contemporary culture, and her work often draws on the location for which it is created. A closeness to classic textile traditions, such as weaving, recurs throughout her work.

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