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Hem Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug
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Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug in the group Shop Rugs / All rugs at Layered (RESCAR180270)
Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug
Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug
Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug

Carrier Of Harmony Shaggy Rug

  • Description

    • Layered's Modern Oriental collection is inspired by the Moroccan rug culture in a modern way and is produced in 100% soft, recycled wool. Each rug has been embroidered with their own, unique symbols that together have their own stories to tell, such as love, strength or wisdom. These rugs tend to fuzz quite a lot in the first six months, and therefore we recommend you to vacuum regularly to shorten this procedure. After this time the fuzzing will subside.
      Collection: Modern Oriental
      Material: Recycle Wool
      Measurement: 180 x 270 cm, 250 x 350 cm
      Pile length: 30-40 mm
      Color: Carrier of Harmony
      Article nr: RESCAR180270
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  • Care instructions

    • Material: 100% Recycled Wool
      Cleaning:The rug shall, after being unpacked, being turned upside down and shaken to bring out the natural life in the yarn after being transported. Vacuum regularly without brush. For more thorough cleaning, dry cleaning is recommended.
      Stain Removal:Wipe the stain carefully with a mixture of lukewarm water and soap. Absorb excess liquid with a dry microfiber cloth.



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