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Taijitu fur pillow

  • Description

    • A stylish pillow with a luxurious and durable design, designed for those looking for an exclusive interior detail that is unique and distinguished. The pillow is made with a luxurious high pile wool with soft touch. With an environmentally and animal-friendly starting point, it has been crafted with innovative technology that results in a durable, sustainable material. The wool has been cut off whole and then woven into a cotton fabric base. In this way, a biodegradable material is obtained where the animal has not been damaged. At the same time, the glossy appearance of the wool and the warm feel of a regular wool are maintained. Fur Pillow is included in the limited edition Fur Collection, which also includes Fur Chair and Fur Stool.
      Measurement:50 x 50 cm, 60 x 40 cm
      Color:Off White
      Article nr: FFPILOW
  • Delivery

    • Delivery:
  • Care instructions

    • Material: 25%, Mohair, 25% Cotton, 50% Linen
      Wash: Dry Clean Only


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