Care Instructions

At first, you may experience some creases, caused by the protective folding during delivery. Lay your rug flat and they will disappear in a few days. Even faster if you carefully spray some water on the rug.


If a stain appears treat it immediately. First wipe the area with a paper towel and repeat until most of the liquid is absorbed. Then take a white cloth or towel and if needed a drop of soap or colorless detergent with lukewarm water. Finish with clean water and absorb with an unbleached paper towel.

It’s always best to consult with a specialist cleaner, especially for severe stains.

Dry cleaning can ruin the rug but a well-renowned dry cleaner will know which method to use to freshen the rug or how to give treatment on specific stains. For instance, it’s important that the rugs are cleaned on a flat surface and dries horisontally. There is a substantial risk that the rugs lose
color if not done properly.


When a rug is brand new it’s inevitable that fuzz appears on the surface when used. For the viscose rugs, wool rugs and shaggy rugs you can expect a lot of fuzz initially. It’s therefore best to vacuum clean the carpet regularly. The fuzz will decrease after a few months and then cease.


There are no pigments or natural colors that can resist sun bleaching. All carpets bleach over time with softer, often prettier colors. Cotton carpets bleach quicker than other types of carpets.

The best way to dampen this effect is to turn the carpet occasionally for it to bleach and fray evenly. Our company only uses the best colors with the strongest resistance against bleach.

Common guidelines

All rugs do well from regular vaccum cleaning; at least once a week and preferably more often on spots that fray easily. Make sure to always use the flat nozzle when vacuum cleaning.

For tufted rugs such as our wool and viscose carpets it’s preferable to finish off with vacuum cleaning in the direction of the pile.

Clean your rug approximately every second year.

Furniture care instructions


Hand wash:

Remove non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a sponge wrung out in clean warm water. Lay out horizontally for drying. Do not use a hair dryer or any other source of heat.

Machine wash:

Machine wash in cold water(30 C) with bleach-free detergent. Lay out horizontally for drying. Do not use a hair dryer or any other source of heat.

Stain Removal:

For stainremoval, use absorbent cloth or paper towel immediately.

Prepare a solution of soap powder and warm water. Dab with a damp microfiber cloth to remove all soap residue. Repeat the stain removing instructions until the stain disappears. For drying do not use a hair dryer or any other source of heat.

Professional dry cleaning

Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used. Only professional dry cleaning for Emerald Green och printed fabrics.